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- Computerized management


Why Herd Management?

Research and practice have shown that for maximum return, profitable dairy operations need to achieve a balance between high production, good health, and successful reproduction. Good performance in all three areas is necessary for high economic returns.

In today's challenging business environment, without a comprehensive herd management system, farmers cannot properly manage costs, productivity or quality.

AfiMilk's full Herd Management system provides you with all the information about your herd as a whole, down to individual animal data. In the most successful dairy farm's around the globe we find that the use of a Herd Management system is a major factor in the farms "success equation". The synergy of data collected by AfiMilk's sensors and AfiFarm's animal database enables farm managers to always be "on top of things" and make good managerial decisions.

Herd Management information allows you to know the maximum detail about your cow's performance even before making the necessary decisions regarding milk production, health and fertility management and culling. AfiMilk's Herd Management system provides you with analysis and reports to help you make informed decisions.

AfiFarm is the world’s most comprehensive management software for advanced dairy farming and herd management. S.A.E. AfiMilk's sensors gather real-time information. An extensive animal database is built and information is matched against it. Exception reports provide the dairy farmer with decision making tools for both short term tactical and long term strategic decisions related to an entire herd and individual cows.

AfiFarm Herd Management Software

AfiFarm is the world’s most comprehensive management software for advanced dairy farming and herd management. S.A.E. AfiMilk's sensors gather real-time information. An extensive animal database is built and information is matched against it. Exception reports provide the dairy farmer with decision making tools for both short term tactical and long term strategic decisions related to an entire herd and individual cows.

The main features of the herd management module are:

  • Daily breeding reports and general fertility analysis.
  • Health monitoring.
  • Milking efficiency reports.
  • Automatic generation of veterinary check lists based on parameters.
  • Easy to report veterinary visit results, including diagnosis, drugs, treatment, schedules and recheck.
  • A cull planning model.
  • Herd size and milk production planning.
  • Easy to follow automated procedures such as OVSYNC treatment.
  • Advanced triggers for cow selection. Comprehensive reports, vet check and other purposes, based on the complete database including general (cow data) and operational (collected data) information.
  • “User formula” feature to build limitless cross-referenced data

Afimilk - Health Monitoring

Modern dairy farming approaches the individual cow as a "production unit". This approach requires a very close look at animal health and welfare. The AfiMilk system provides a full range of data which helps the farm manager to follow his animals, to monitor and even predict health problems. AfiMilk health monitoring enables the manager to foresee and define problems such as mastitis in a subclinical stage, Ketosis based on production parameters, mechanical or other damage in animal's legs etc. AfiMilk health monitoring system enables analysis and treatment of herd, group or individual animal. Data is presented to farm manager in daily attention lists, graphs and periodic summary reports.

AfiAct - Breeding Control

AfiAct is much more than a Heat Detection system, it provides full Fertility Management:

  • AfiAct detects heat by measuring the activity of a cow. This method is based on numerous studies and scientific research that showed the correlation between increased activity of the cow and heat.
  • The only tag in the world that monitors and can improve cow welfare
  • Optimize calving interval
  • Reduce the number of open days
  • Reduce involuntary culling due to breeding problems
  • Early detection of Anestrus, abortions and cyclic disorders
  • History recoding of early heats and previous lactation events
  • Fertility indexes and CR
  • CR per bull and inseminator
  • Gives a 24 hour calving alert
  • Easy upgrade to a full AfiMilk system

Milking Efficiency

You benefit from ME Module's unique in-depth analysis reports and graphs of the milking process:

  • Milk Curve Deviation - Analysis of milking times, curve and flow rates Milk let down as an indication of milking procedure
  • Milking Irregularities - A summary of all the irregular actions during milking
  • Parlor Performance - Overview of parlor throughputs, to compare between teams of operators and management goals
  • Load Attachments - In depth view of the preparation procedures, attachment order and delaying factors
  • Load Efficiency - Calculates wasted time allowing the manager to improve their parlor throughput
  • Equipment Malfunction Analysis - Three reports analyzing direct and indirect indications of malfunctions
  • Recommendations - Automatically generated recommendations based on deviations measured during milking
  • Storage of Historic data - The data can be restored for any defined period

Herd Planning

AfiMilk includes a herd and yield planning for production and herd size forecast.

  • Production forecast based on yearly milk production plan or Quota
  • Based on actual milk production
  • Based on cows' lactation performance and prediction
  • Based on expected calving and dry-off
  • Based on culling plan and actual culling
  • Relates to seasonality
  • Recommended purchase of cows/heifers if necessary to reach production goal

Milk Production

AfiMilk helps you maintain or improve your profit margins through full control of your dairy farm's milk production by monitoring milk quantity and quality. Cows' daily milk weights and milk components are recorded by the Milk Meter's sensors. From individual daily yields per cow to total group and herd production, the data is saved. Then it can be viewed in reports and graphs for any desired period. Milk data can be used to analyze current performance and assist in planning. Historical data is also stored for retrospective analysis.

With AfiLab milk component data is recorded and provides a powerful tool for monitoring quality, animal health, feeding strategy, milk shipments and culling.



Why automation?

From small to mega farm operations AfiMilk's advanced products will give you more control over shaping the future of your dairy farm. AfiMilk's combination of science, technology and field experience results in automated products that ensure:

  • improved results in milk quality
  • getting the work done faster and more efficiently
  • easy management of the health of individual cows/sheep/goats in your herds
  • providing peace of mind with the knowledge that you are in full control

Milk Meters

The AfiMilk Milk meter is an integrated unit that combines individual cows' milk measurement with full control over milking parlor activities. It accurately measures both milk quantity and milk conductivity to control cows' performance and health. The AfiMilk Milk meter regulates the milking procedure at each point. Its electronic board controls automatic cluster removal according to milk flow rates as well as other outputs such as vacuum valve, pulsation, strip and parlor gates operation. Provided in various configurations, it is tailored to meet the requirements and needs of different milking parlors and routines.

AfiMilk milk meters are designed to fit in every parlor configuration without any changes to the existing parlor equipment, either in a stand-alone mode or in conjunction with AfiMilk's computerized system. As part of the AfiMilk computerized management system, the milk meter provides the required information for the system's "Health Reports". Furthermore, the milk meter's terminal acts as a fully integrated user interface to the system, thus displaying cow information, providing on line alerts for health problems, Colostrum and antibiotic milk and enables the milker to send messages to the dairy manager via the terminal's keyboard.

Animal Identification & Breeding Improvement

Afimilk's Pedometer is a small, yet durable device that combines two functions simultaneously: ID for every single cow in the herd and a Step Counter that indicates the activity level of the cow.

Studies have proven, and over 2 Million tags in use worldwide have confirmed, the direct correlation between a cows' heat and an increase in its physical activity. The AfiMilk Heat Detection Module is based on the increase of cow activity measured by the pedometer. By measuring this activity, the AfiMilk system pinpoints the optimal time for insemination, both simplifying and improving breeding management.

AfiMilk significantly increases herd fertility rates by accurately detecting cows in heat, thus reducing open days.

AfiMilk Heat Detection Module is designed to apply to different dairy farm conditions. It is suitable for both housed and grazing milking cows or as a stand-alone module for heat detection of virgin heifers.

Our newest product, Pedometer Plus in addition to identifying cows and having all the traditional Afi Pedometer's Heat Detection capabilities, measures rest time and rest bouts. The AfiFarm Herd Management software processes this data to give indications of behavioral changes expressing comfort/discomfort.

Feelings experienced by farm animals can be assessed by measuring their performance and behaviour. A wide array of data is collected and measured through the afimilk sensors and then analyzed by the AfiFarm Herd Management software.

Measurements of impaired biological functioning, particularly those connected to decreased health and increased physiological stress responses, can provide good corroborating evidence that welfare is compromised.

Sort System

AfiSort is a very powerful management tool. It allows you to separate cows for veterinary checks, insemination or any other initiated treatment.

AfiSort consists of pneumatic separation gates, automatically controlled by an AFI computer to direct cows into treatment areas.

Separation of cows can be set to specific dates/time of day, according to the routine of your herd. Cows are selected for treatment according to criteria you set in your AFI program, or by sending a separation command directly from the milking parlor via the milk meter interface.

Weigh Scale

AfiWeigh is an automatic cow body weighing system. It weighs the cows once to three times daily without interfering with herd traffic to and from the milking parlor.

Cow body weight is a very important tool for stress and health monitoring, as well as to backup decisions such as a feeding and breeding policy.

Individual Feed

AfiFeed is an efficient tool for optimizing concentrated feed allocation, thus increasing the milk production per feed consumption ratio of the herd. AfiFeed enables the use of individual feed menus based on different parameters.

AfiLab Milk Analysis

AfiLab is a milk analyzer. It transfers information about milk components to the AfiFarm software in real time as milk flows through the milking system during parlor milking.

AfiLab measures the following:

  • Fat content
  • Protein content
  • Lactose content

AfiLab also detects the following:

  • The presence of blood in milk
  • Four levels of Somatic Cell Count (SCC)

AfiLab applications

Health Monitoring

  • Early detection of metabolic disorders such as Ketosis and Sub-clinical acidosis


  • Daily milk component data give full control over the effect of ration changes
  • Feed optimal rations based on the true requirements of your cows (FCM)

Milk Quality

  • Provide the milk plant with the raw material that will maximize your profits
  • Blood detection


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